Changing Education Paradigms

Ken Robinson on accountability and child-centric learning.

Seven Plus Seven

Seven Up!

Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

American education policy is increasingly focused on standardized testing and accountability standards. Consequently, administrators and teachers are pressured to meet Adequate Yearly Progress requirements or face district, state, and federal sanctions. While gauging student achievement and holding schools accountable is certainly important, often the purpose of education is overlooked–educating youngsters, both academically and socially. The phenomenon of teaching to the test and standardized test scandals, like Atlanta Public Schools’ 10 years of cheating, shows that accountability can lead to goal displacement.

During times of fiscal stress, school districts often cut programs that do not directly improve test scores or are considered enrichment classes. It can be argued– as Sir Ken Robinson does in this TED Talks lecture–music, art, and drama classes are essential for cognitive development and keep at risk students in school. Robinson’s funny and insightful lecture makes one question whether accountability is the best means to improving American education.



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