Higher Education Fundraising Panel

Tuesday, October 16 7:00

Location: To Be Announced

Please join us for a panel discussion with professionals from the field of higher education development.

EDPOSA Brownbag- Affirmative Action and Higher Education

Wednesday, October 10, 12:30-1:30

Wright Education Building Room 2277

Dr. Suzanne Eckes, one of our faculty advisors, will facilitate conversation around Fisher v. University of Texas, the affirmative action case before the Supreme Court this term. As always, come hungry, because we’ll provide food.

EDPOSA Brownbag- Teachers and the Test: Standoff in Chicago

Thursday September 27, 2012 12:30-1:30

School of Public and Environmental Affairs Room 212/IDS

The Chicago Teachers Union strike of September 2012 has brought national attention to the objectives of teachers unions and the role they play in the educational system. Please join us for discussion about the reasons for the strike, how the strike was resolved, and what the strike means for the future of teachers unions. Pizza will be provided!

EDPOSA/NMA Career Round Table: Nonprofits in Education

March 22, 2012

The Education Policy Student Association and the Nonprofit Management Association collaborated to bring professionals from Indianapolis and Bloomington to IUB, to engage in conversation with students about their job functions and organizations.  Leslie Butwin, a second year MPA student, reflects on the event below….

I attended the EDPOSA/NMA Career Round Table on Thursday, March 22.  As a second year MPA student concentrating in nonprofit management, I found the event very interesting and helpful.  After graduation, I would like to work in fundraising or development for a nonprofit, and eventually work as a consultant for nonprofits in regards to strategic planning and fundraising.  I am not solely interesting in work in education policy, but I thought this was a great way to a) learn about the field  and b) learn about their needs in regards to development.

I sat with three different panelists, all from very different points of view.  Each provided information on organizational goals and missions, the day and day out details of working for the organization, and also their personal histories.  It was so interesting to hear about the different background of the panelists, and their daily struggles and challenges as they work in the field.  You could feel a real passion for what they did each day to create successful outcomes.  It was a wonderful event and very organized as well!


EDPOSA Brownbag: Higher Education

February 14, 2012

EDPOSA hosted its first Spring 2012 brownbag on February 14th!  Guest speaker, Gabriel Serna, and IU students and faculty enjoyed jimmy johns and discussion on higher education finance.  Mahauganee Shaw, a PhD candidate from HESA, reflects on the event …..

The first EDPOSA brownbag of the Spring 2012 semester provided great conversation and food for thought. Gabriel Serna, a doctoral candidate in Education Policy Studies, shared findings and implications from his research on higher education finance. Most engaging was the stream of discussion around the realities of loan debt incurred by undergraduate students. Serna noted that when college students make the decision to use loans to finance their education, they make a long-term financial decision based on a semester-to-semester view. This decision cycle runs the risk of growing into larger financial issues later in life if the degree earned (assuming the student graduates) does not lead to earnings that are sufficient to pay off the accrued loan debt.

Serna suggests these issues can be effectively reduced through policies which prioritize financial planning and literacy for students as early as middle school. Such an initiative would equip students to make informed, long-term decisions and plans by covering topics such as credit education, smart debt, the cost and benefits of earning a degree, and alternative funding sources for postsecondary educational pursuits. The discussion that ensued around the logistics of helping such programs to achieve success centered on the need to involve students’ parents and families in the financial literacy training. The discussion left off with the question: In preparing students for college choice, how do we bridge the gap between the students at school and the families at home? This is the policy issue we, as educators, are left to ponder. How can we incorporate financial planning and literacy into a family structure such that parents and students are prepared to make a joint decision that will most benefit the student?

EDPOSA Brownbag: Teacher Prep Programs

February 28, 2012



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