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  1. Quentin and other members of the Education Policy Student Association,

    I have a great opportunity to present to you!

    My name is Terrence Neumann, and I am a sophomore at IU majoring in economics and statistics. I have an intense interest in education policy and systemic K-12 reform. I recently contacted the leaders of a national organization, Students for Education Reform (based out of Princeton) in hopes that they would allow me to start a chapter at IU. I have just received the news that they have accepted my application and have given me the go-ahead to form a chapter.

    This brings me to my point: I feel that it could be mutually beneficial to combine resources. SFER has many great connections with industry and policy think-tanks, as do you, but they have a great national reach and reputation on the East Coast. Like I said, I feel that working together, we could create a truly unique and powerful chapter, one that could prepare members for top positions in the reform sector and hopefully help to bridge the inequity that faces the public education system in America.

    Here is the website for more information:

    My email is and phone number (269) 370-8123. Please contact me if you have any further questions.



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