The Future of Education

There’s a lot of uncertainty in education right now. Indiana is contemplating never-before-tried measures such as vouchers for private schools, and is the state is likely to lower restrictions on starting a public charter school. Nationwide, state superintendents’ offices are abuzz with words like “teacher pay for performance” and “common core standards.” Movies like Waiting for Superman and The Lottery are putting education problems — and potential solutions — on the radar of millions of Americans.

Where do you fit in?

No one’s in college as a career (well, hardly anyone, anyway…). We’re all hoping to go somewhere — perhaps somewhere unexpected. One way you can start thinking about where you fit into the education puzzle is by checking out EDPOSA and NMA’s career panel on February 14. Click on the events button to learn more.

Another way to start to make sense of your future is to stay on top of the news. Hear something interesting you think other EDPOSA people should know about? Send us an email (just hit “reply” to one of the weekly emails). We’ll include it on the blog.


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