Indiana legislature contemplates voucher system

The Indianapolis Star reported Saturday that the Indiana General Assembly is considering a bill to create a school voucher system unlike any other in the nation. Indiana’s system would subsidize private school for low-income as well as middle-class students whose parents wish to remove them from public schools and send them to private schools. The amount of funding available for a student would be commensurate with the family’s income. No other state provides vouchers for families above low-income thresholds.

One especially interesting result of this proposal is that the state would actually save money if higher-income families chose to participate. The amount the families would get from the state is less than what Indiana would pay to educate that child in a public school.

Of course, there’s no saying whether higher-income families will take advantage of the system. And there’s really no saying whether this bill can make it through the House and the Senate without significant amendments.


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