Things to peruse before we watch The Lottery

The Harlem Children’s Zone is a focal point of The Lottery.   This summer, an educational researcher, Grover “Ross” Whitehurst, published a critical evaluation of the program.   Geoffrey Canada, founder of HCZ, challenged the finding, and Whitehurst, in turn, responded.   Following are links to all three documents in case EDPOSA members would like to read them before seeing  The Lottery.


2 thoughts on “Things to peruse before we watch The Lottery

  1. In the first document, Whitehurst is mainly out to critique whether the neighborhood wrap-around services (investments in community) are really working, not the charter schools. I’m curious to see how the neighborhood, wrap-around parts of the HCZ are treated in The Lottery. From what I’ve read about the film, it seems like the viewpoint expressed is much more about school-focused education reform and less about improving the general neighborhood as part of improving the schools. I’m sure there will be a lively discussion following the film!

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